Conference Topics

Scientific Objectives

The conference aims at gathering researchers sharing a common interest in the field of mechanics of materials, yet working in a variety of application domains : material science, mechanical and civil engineering, but also biomechanics, geophysics, … Contributions providing a better understanding of complex phenomenae associated to mechanical response of materials at all scales, from atomistic to structural sizes, will be welcome. The scope of the conference will cover experimental, analytical and computational modeling approaches, and contributions combining several approaches will be specially encouraged. 


Main Topics

  • Mechanics of composite materials
  • Mechanics of metallic materials
  • Mechanics of polymers and soft materials
  • Mechanics of bio-sourced and living materials
  • Functional and architectured materials
  • Damage, fatigue and fracture
  • Contact, friction and wear
  • Mechanics at interfaces (incl. phase transformations)
  • Mechanics of discrete media
  • Multiscale modelling approaches and methods
  • Multi-physics modelling and coupled problems
  • Uncertainty and stochastic approaches in mechanics of materials
  • Experimental approaches and inverse modeling
  • Theoretical mechanics (e.g. higher-order continuum mechanics, …)


Plenary Lectures

Confirmed plenary speakers:

  • Prof. Dennis Kochmann (California Institute of Technology)
  • Prof. Thomas Pardoen (Université catholique de Louvain)
  • Prof. Dierk Raabe (Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung)
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