Abstract Submission

Sciencesconf.org System Login

The EMMC16 website is hosted using the sciencesconf.org framework. Therefore, authors and attendees must have a sciencesconf account to submit an abstract  to the conference. 

Note that abstract submission and account creation are not equivalent to registration or inscription to the conference. 

New account creation:

    1. Click the arrow close to the “login” button at the bottom of the site banner (top right of the text part)
    2. then, click on “create account”
    3. Fill the form
    4. A pop-up window will appear confirming you that the account creation is submitted
    5. A confirmation email will be post to your mailbox
    6. Click on the link to activate your account. Once again, a pop-up window will confirm the account activation.

Already existing account

When filling the information form (mail, login, password…), the system may tell you that a Sciencesconf account is already associated to your login. You already have such an account.

If you have lost your password or your login, follow the following procedure:

    1. Click the arrow close to the “login” button at the bottom of the site banner (top right of the text part),
    2. Click on “Lost password ?
    3. Enter your login or your email address.
    4. Information to change your password will be sent to you by email
    5. Enter twice your new password
    6. Now, you can login to the EMMC16 website with your login and your new password

Abstract Submission

  1. Go to the sidebar menu: 

  2. Folow instructions.

Abstract Guidelines

Abstract should be one page long (about 500 words) and have to be submitted through a text box in the submission page. Authors have the option to upload a PDF file in addition to this abstract, but this file will be used only for reviewing purposes. No template is thus provided.

Following recommandations of EuroMech Council, there will be no proceedings published. A Book of Abstracts will be distributed to all participants at the conference. This Book of Abstracts will be generated from the abstracts submitted in the text box of the online submission system: we thus kindly ask authors to carefully check their submission, in particular if a copy/paste was used from another source.

Finally, note that only one presentation per registered author/participant is allowed. Thus, each user of the platform can submit only one abstract.

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